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Measuring transducer E1849

Active and reactive power measuring transducers. Meant for use in 380V circuits without external primary transformers.

Description E1849

Е1849 appointment:

E1849 is meant for linear transducing of active and reactive power of three phase AC circuits into unified DC signals and can be used in systems of automative control of energetic objects of different branches of industry. Also it can be used for monitoring current values of active and reactive power. Digital processing of signal is applied.

Transducers are manufactured according to ТУ  4227-006-49501860-02.

Technical characteristics:

Type Iout., mA Input parameters Рconsump. at measured circuit, VA,
not more than
at supply circuit,
Accuracy class
U, V I, A
1 E1849A2 0..5 0..456 0..0,5
0,6 at
АС, АВ, СВ 0,2 at each serial circuit
not more than 4 0,5
2 E1849AР2 0..2,5..5
3 E1849B2 4..20
4 E1849BP2 4..12..20
5 E1849C2 0..20
6 E1849CP2 0..10..20
7 E1849EP2 -5..0..5

Dimentions 120х80х120 mm
Weight not more than 0,9 kg.
Power supply – AC 187-242V 50 Hz frequency.
Time of setting output signal in case of input signal hopping to any value in measured range – not more than 0,5 s.
Time of setteng working condition – not more than 15 min.
Worktime between failures – not less than 50 000 h.
Average lifetime – not less than 10 years.

Note: This model is meant for use in 380V circuits. No additional primary measuring transformers needed.трансформаторов.


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