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Electrochemical power source analyzer

Electrochemical power sources (batteries) analyzer

Technological documents on АЕA30V

1) 4-wire measurement circuit for precise voltage and internal resistance measurements.

2) CCA estimation (DIN and EN standards).

3) Possibility to set measurement frequency (from 20 to 1000 Hz, 1 Hz increment).

4) Rejection of batteries according to set voltage value.

5) Patented method of measurement of internal resistance and reactance.

6) Battery parameters can be measured while in operation - it is not necessary to break the circuit.

7) Measured values can be saved in embedded memory.


Free Chartbuilder software for visualizing measurement results as histograms.


ABLogger is the device intended for condition monitoring of battery charging devices and electrical systems equipped with a battery (vehicle electrical on-board systems, alternative power sources).
AEMT series measuring transducers are intended to be used for measuring electrical quantities in AC, DC and pulse current circuits.

Electrochemical power source Activator (Activator) is intended for battery maintenance, training and state checking.

Electrochemical power sources (batteries) analyzer
Multifunction measuring transducers for measuring electrical parameters of three-phase circuits
Measuring transducers with unified current output. (13)
AEDC are meant for measuring DC current and DC voltage. Analogue current input and RS-485 interface. (3)
Indication devices AED and AEGD are meant for connecting to measuring regenerator AET to indicate measuring results. (2)
Преобразователь электрический измерительный АЕМТ предназначен для измерения электрических величин в цепях постоянного, переменного и пульсирующего тока.