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Measuring transducer E854

AC current measuring transducers. Awarded with golden quality sign "Russian mark".

Description E854

Technical characteristics:

Type Iin., mA Iout., mA

Рconsump. for supply

circuit, VA

Pconsump. for measured circuit,


Load resistance,


Accuracy class
1 Е854А 0..0,5
0…5 not more than 1,5 not more than 0,2 0 – 3000 0,5
2 Е854В 4…20 not more than 2,5 0 – 500
3 Е854С 0…20 не более 2,5 0 – 500

Dimentions - 70х80х77 mm.
Weight- not more than 0,5 kg.
Power supply – AC 187-242V 50 Hz frequency.
Time of setting output signal in case of input signal hopping to any value in measured range 
– not more than 0,5 s.
Time of setteng working condition (worm-up time):
– not more than 15 min.
Worktime between failures 
– not less than 50 000 h.
Average lifetime – not less than 10 years.


Е854 indexes:

Е854А - output current (0..5) mA
Е854В - output current  (4..20) mA
Е854С - output current  (0..20) mA


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