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Measuring transducer E1842

DC current measuring transducers pass-through type. Measured current range - 250A.

Description Е1842

Appointment of E1842:

E1842 is meant for linear transducing 50 Hz AC current into unified DC output signal and can be used for current control in elecrical systems with nominal voltage up to 660 V.  A distinctive feature of this type of transducers is it's' pass through construction which does not need electrical connection to measured circuits.

Transducers are produced with accordance with ТУ 4227-008-49501860-02.

Technical characteristics:

Type Iin., А Iout., мА Load resistance, Ohm Accuracy class
1 E1842C 25
0..20 0 - 500 0,5

Dimentions 70х80х77 mm.
Whole diameter (for lead wire) – 21,5 mm.
Weight not more than 0,3 kg.
Power supply not needed.
Time to reach working condition (warmup time) - 10 min
Time of setting output signal in case of input signal hopping to any value in measured range.
– not more than 1,0s.
Mean time between failures 
– not less than 75 000 h.
Average lifetime – not less than 10,5 years.


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