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Electrochemical power source analyzer

Electrochemical power sources (batteries) analyzer

Technological documents on АЕA30V


Electrochemical power source analyzer is a portable measurement device for testing of accumulators and primary cells. The device is able to measure parameters such as resistance, CCA, voltage. There is also a rejection function which is helpful for rejection of under-test battery according to set rejection parameters.
Measurement results can be easily processed on PC by using bundled software.


  • Voltage measurement (up to 30V)
  • Internal resistance measurement (up to 6Ω)
  • Battery rejection according to set parameters
  • CCA measurement (CCA - Cold Cranking Amperes) DIN, EN
  • USB for connection to PC
  • Software for viewing and comparing measurement results
  • IP32 protection according to IEC 529-89
  • Case is resistant to acids and alkalis
  • user-friendly interface in English language


ABLogger is the device intended for condition monitoring of battery charging devices and electrical systems equipped with a battery (vehicle electrical on-board systems, alternative power sources).

Electrochemical power source Activator (Activator) is intended for battery maintenance, training and state checking.

Electrochemical power sources (batteries) analyzer
Digital multifunctional measuring transducers (standard and budget versions)
Measuring transducers with unified current output. (13)
AEDC are meant for measuring DC current and DC voltage. Analogue current input and RS-485 interface. (3)
Indication devices AED and AEGD are meant for connecting to measuring regenerator AET to indicate measuring results. (2)